Hi, I’m Kim McQuilken

I am a former NFL Quarterback, Fortune 500 Media Executive and Supply Chain Consultant who has successfully “reinvented” myself over these three very distinct careers. Throughout my professional experiences, a few select skill sets have emerged as core competencies that I continue to develop and refine.


My fourth iteration is now here:
C-Suite Management Consulting.

While working with small and medium size companies for the past 12 years, it became quite apparent that most executive teams are lean and over-taxed. The bandwidth CEOs have at their disposal for employee development, leadership programs, creative marketing, sales strategy, thought leadership and CEO time management evaluation is negligible.

My management consulting practice works as an extension of the CEO’s team. We add bench strength without the overhead. We help you get to the critical innovations, strategies, and practices vital for growth but that are too elusive for current resources. We help you eliminate pain-points and management bottlenecks.

Kim McQuilken

We add momentum to your flywheel.

CEO Time Management:
My Favorite Core Competency

Of all the skill sets I’ve developed over the years, I have found that helping a CEO optimize their personal time has the biggest impact on their business and is the most rewarding to me. Did you know, on average, CEOs have 37 individual meetings each week? Just that, consumes 72% of their time. 

I have a process that tracks CEO meetings, calls, email management, tasking, travel, and delegation of responsibilities. It also includes an analysis of lifestyle and family time. What would it mean to any of us to be “gifted” with an additional 10% , 15% , or even 20% of our time? In the case of a CEO it is priceless. That’s why I find it so rewarding.

So, the first thing I ask a CEO is “Do you have enough hours in a day?” If you need more, I can help.

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